The wonders of the world

I wonder

What may lie beyond the walls of mist

Of confusion, distraction, desperation

Might it be an enlightening, a delighting

World of fame

Or a fearsome, worrisome

Sea of misery

Dreams of hundreds, hopes of thousands

Yet none knows

The key to the door

Door to victory, conquest, success

Door to world beyond the mist

Unknown shall stay unknown

Who knows what none shall know?

What may lie beyond the walls of mist?

What may form a whirling world of predicts?

I wonder..



What is life?

Full of …… what?

The spilling of bloods,

Or arriving of floods?

The buzzing of flies,

Or honking of cars?

Briber murders,

Or empty alcohol bottles?

The laughter of gents and ladies,

Or the cries of new born babies?

For others, this is the meaning of life,

For me, freedom is the only meaning of life.



I sat alone, when a pang

Arouse in my head

From whence it came, I knew

In a book, I had once read

My time had come

Bells were ringing

I could feel it, end was near

Which I had been dreading

How oblivious was

To live life without a cause

My wicked deeds engulf me

I wish I could hit pause

Darkness burst out of me

Like an exploding power keg

Black flakes filled the air

I fell on my knees to beg

Mercy, for my weakened body

Pity, for a life of folly

Another chance, I pray and pray

For I see light, across the bay

All the pleads were in vain

Years subsided, no gain

Silence fell, then a beating drum

Fires of hell, here I come



Dream catcher

A detour through the woods,
Surely will do some good.

Sun to set soon,
Only to have some moon.

Demons waiting for you somewhere,
Angels though there for some care.

No chance to run away,
Just get ready,you prey!

No dream catchers to save you,
Only a strong heart will make through.